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inTalks was founded out of a passion to assist businesses to build better workplaces through effective dispute resolution. With over 30 years’ experience managing large teams and supporting organisations with staff retention, development, wellbeing and returning to work – quality dialogue is the most consistent determiner of sustainable outcomes. Over her career, Rosemary has worked with many organisations across a range of different sectors that have incurred substantial expenses in claims and settlements, seen high turnover and escalating conflict due to issues that could have been resolved earlier through enhancing communication and understanding.

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Modern workplaces are a complex mixture of diverse people from different backgrounds with different values and expectations. There is also a growing need to increase productivity with fewer resources. So it’s no surprise that workplace disputes are a standard part of the work environment ― yet managers and businesses are generally not equipped to deal with these situations often preferring to avoid them. This can be a costly mistake.

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inTalks are specialists in all aspects of workplace dispute resolution. Our services can be tailored to meet your needs and delivered virtually or in person, subject to your needs.


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Did you know?

Workplace disputes are estimated to cost Australian businesses $10.1 billion per annum.

On average managers/ leaders spend approximately 6 hours per week dealing with workplace disputes.

Employees are 50% more likely to leave a workplace than deal with a dispute.

Workplace disputes often lead to psychological stress. Psychological Workers Comp claims cost employers on average 4 times as much as physical injuries.

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